Privacy policy

This Privacy Policy sets forth how our Advanced REST Client application (“app”) collects and uses information as described below. By downloading this application, you accept the use of these tracking technologies and you acknowledge that you have reviewed and agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy.

Information Collected

The app is collecting anonymous usage statistics and working data only. This data used or collected by the app may include information such as the following, but do not include any personally identifiable information:

  • You settings which are synced between your profiles (if you are signed in to Chrome) using Google Sync service for Chrome Apps (Chrome App only);

  • The app collects critical errors generated by the app and send them to Google Analytics. Data included in the report contains information about the exception itself (error message) and intentionally will not collect any user or user provided data. The author of the application will take action to eliminate any user related data from the exception information if any ever is collected.

Information stored on user machine

The application stores all data provided by the user and received from a server in a history. This information is stored in Chromium’s internal database accessible only by the app process.

Current workspace state is stored in plain JSON file in user directory. This information can contain access tokens provided by you or generated by the app, or Google Drive file ID. This is only possible with desktop client.

Use and Disclosure of User Information

Information collected helps us understand users interests and helps us improve our application and to provide better quality. Payloads are stored locally on your device and only you have full control over this data. Working data can be stored on external servers only upon your request. Be aware that this file can be read by any application run by you.

The app uses Google Analytics to collect anonymous user data and analyze usage of the application. Anonymous use statistics collected by the Google analytics may be transmitted to and stored on Google servers anywhere in the world in accordance with Google privacy practices. To see an overview of privacy at Google and how this applies to these Google cookies, visit You can turn off Google Analytics and local history in application settings.

Data synchronization with external services

The application allows you synchronizing history/project/REST APIs data on external services (like Google Drive, Anypoint Exchange, subject to change) and to restore the data from the services. The application will query external service only on user request and only for the list of files created by the application (if possible). Query result are not stored permanently in the application and are only used to render files list view to select a file to import.

The application discards any information included in downloaded file if the format or content is not recognizable by the application.

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